Functional/Regression Testing

QualiTLabs offers comprehensive functional testing services to ensure that your software product/application - conforms to stated/documented behavior and specifications.

Per the World quality report, one of the critical challenges faced in Application development is reliance on manual testing. QualiTlabs has a well-defined Quality Assurance process that caters regardless of the nature or size of the project. Our functional testing experts have extensive experience across industry verticals and technologies. QualiTlabs offers comprehensive functional testing services to ensure that your software product/application - conforms to the stated/documented behavior and specifications.

As part of the functional testing, we make sure the application under test (AUT) -

  • Conforms to stated/documented behavior and specifications
  • Compatible with an operating environment
  • Well integrated with external systems(payment gateways, social media, etc.)
  • Has a better User Experience and  customer satisfaction
  • Uncover new software bugs, or regressions in existing functional areas
  • Compliance with standards  ( such as HIPAA, IRDA, FDA, HL7, FATCA, etc.)
Functional Testing Life Cycle

QualiTLabs Differentiators

  • Real user focussed test approach
  • Experience in implementation of testing methodologies such as TDD, BDD, etc.
  • Create reusable test scripts to reduce cost and time of the test cycle
  • Find most important defects at the beginning of the Test Cycle
  • Our QT approach takes care of quality and time-lines
  • Our Test Engineers adopted to work in Agile-scrum and continuous integration environments
  • Usage of cutting-edge test tools to reduce the testing time

During functional testing we focus on

  • Pre-Production Testing
  • Post Deployment Testing
  • Code Quality Assurance (Unit Testing)
  • Functionality Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Bank-end data verification
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Platform (OS/Browser/Device) Compatibility
  • Navigation
  • UI/UX Testing

We test applications run on different platforms






Smart phone






Internet of Things

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